June 15, 16, & 17, 2012

Crepe Myrtle on Rampart Street Neutral Ground

Joel Wray on Rampart Street

Mykle's Ashes in the doorway of 1204 N. Rampart Street

Ed Evans & Roy Gele with Mykle's Ashes

Ashes to Ashes

Dust to Dust

Ken & Janet Andrews, Ed Evans & Donna Laba

Janet Andrews & Ed Evans

Ken Andrews & Larry Lucas

Joel Wray & Roy Gele

Janet Andrews & Joel Wray

Sheila Lucas & Janet Andrews

Sheila Lucas & Janet Andrews

Ed Evans & Janet Andrews

Ed Evans & Janet Andrews

Joel Wray

Donna Laba

Donna Laba & Joel Wray

Ken & Janet Andrews, Janet Wing & Joel Wray

Janet & Ken Andrews, Janet Wing, Donna Laba, Joel Wray

Mary Dawkins & Joel Wray

Mary Dawkins

Eugene Autry & Patricia

Mary Dawkins & Eugene Autry

Janice & Joel Wray