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12/24/2014 - On March 29, 2013, Janice Wray and The Wrong Place Congregation gathered on the "neutral ground" in front of 1204 N. Rampart Street in New Orleans to spread Joel Wray's and Dave Warren's ashes there. We were joined by several members of Joel's and Dave's families. A video slide show of the events of that Easter weekend has been posted on YouTube: Bringing Joel Wray Home To New Orleans. The slide show is sixteen minutes in length with over 190 photos. The sound track includes tunes by Joel Wray , Big Daddy Owen Tufts, Tirk Wilder, Steve Hill, Charlie Blue, & Eugene Autry.

12/22/2014 - At long last, we have added A Ron Sowell Sampler page to "The Sets" area of our website, including cuts from The Pickers, Stark Raven, Ron's solo CD's, and recordings of live performances. Please take some time to enjoy an outstanding set of Ron Sowell songs.

12/19/2014 - Louise Anderson, a member of the Family Owl community in Cincinnati, passed away on November 21, 2014. Like many other Family Owl performers, "Big Bess" traveled to New Orleans and played her"big bass" at the Wrong Place in 1973. We have added a Memorial Page for Louise including photos and a message from Walter.

04/29/2013 - Ready for a little Steampunk??
The new CD from Jonathan Postal's
is being released this month.

Here's a preview and a link !

11/18/2012 - "Dear friends, we are so sorry to tell you that Joel passed away this morning at 7:15. He died peacefully in his sleep with Janice at his side. Tentative plans are to scatter his ashes in front of the Wrong Place around the time of his birthday, March 29th. We hope we can all honor him together then. We will keep you posted. Keep playing good music for good reasons." - Walter Craft

10/17/2012 - We have added another new memorial page. Our friend, Bill Sundeen died at his home in Lincoln, Nebraska on September 18th. Bill's memorial page includes a heartfelt letter from his close friend, Jeannie Blue.

09/21/2012 - The Wrong Place community is saddened to learn that our old friend, Robert Nelson, who entertained thousands as Bob The Juggler and The Butterfly Man, has died in Hawaii. Please visit Robert's new memorial page.

06/22/2012 - On Friday, June 15, several life-long friends of Mykle Evans (nee Mykle Cooley) gathered on the neutral ground in front of 1204 North Rampart Street to spread her ashes and celebrate her friendship. A few photos have been posted, with more to come.

08/26/2011 - Mykle (Cooley) Evans passed away on August 9th in Tennessee. As close a friend as any one could ever wish for, Mykle's spirit was a constant part of the Wrong Place fellowship from the beginning. Please visit Mykle's Memorial Page, and please keep Mykle's family, and her husband, Ed Evans, in your thoughts, hearts, and prayers.

06/16/11 - On May 20th Marcia Potts, Mykle Evan's sister, passed away in Tennessee after surgery. Marcia was a loyal and loving friend to the Wrong Place community for many decades. Please visit Marcia's Memorial Page.

05/27/11 - Our old friend and excellent songwriter, Sidney Campbell, got in touch with us recently. Check out the new Set Page featuring The Songs of Sidney Campbell.

05/06/11 - Sadly, the Wrong Place Congregation has lost yet another dear old friend. Tabby Crabb passed away at his home in Leslie, Georgia on April 18, 2011. Please visit the new Memorial Page to Tabby.

09/30/10 - "David Warren was a loyal and trustworthy friend who gave much to The Wrong Place Saloon. We are truly blessed to have had a friend like David. His passing leaves a hole in our hearts." - Joel, 09/30/2010. - We are indeed saddened to have added yet another Memorial Page to our website this year.

06/27/10 - "Dear Friends, it is with heavy heart that I have to inform you that our old friend, Francine Croxson, has passed away. After a long fight with cancer, she is gone. May she rest in peace." - Joel, 06/24/2010. - Please visit the new Memorial Page for Francine.

06/05/10 - Our friend, David Lucker, passed away June 3rd, 2010, in Oxford, Mississippi. Despite severe limitations related to his illness, Big Luke came to New Orleans for both of our recent reunions there. It was a joy to visit with him again. His easy-going ways, large smile, and huge heart will be missed for a long, long time. We have added a new Memorial Page to our website.

02/05/10 - Bob 'The Juggler' Nelson has written a poem about the Wrong Place. We have added it to Bob's Pics and Poetry page along with several additional photos. Check it out.

02/04/10 - There is a new YouTube video link on the first page of Leather's Memorial pages. On December 19th, 2009, a group of friends gathered at 1204 North Rampart in New Orleans to spread Leather's Ashes at that Place that brought us together so long ago. This video is for all the folks who were there, and for all the folks who were there in heart and spirit.

10/27/09 - We have added a couple of fine old pictures to Janet's Photo page. They are nice pics of Janet and Mykle from yesteryear. These photos were scanned from the original negatives by Ed Evans. Many thanks y'all.

08/25/09 - We have added a new set of songs from Winder Lyons, including four cuts from his new CD, If Ever I Cease To Love, and several songs recorded at Casa Lucasa in Seguin, Texas last spring.

08/24/09 - Well, finally !!! After much delay and a little procrastination, we have added a new and wonderful set of tunes from the master, Walter Craft. The set includes songs from each of Walter's four CD's, as well as several recordings of live performances. Enjoy!

04/30/09 - Winder "Cappy" Lyons has finished his new CD, If Ever I Cease To Love. Winder will be appearing in New Orleans at the 1st Annual NOLA Veggie Fest on May 17th. His website, www.windersight.com, is now fully functional. There is good info there about his CD and his advocacy for the effort to save the southern Louisiana wetlands. Be sure to check it out.

04/11/09 - It is with heavy heart and deep sadness that we learn of the passing of our dear friend, Robert Greene, at his home in Nashville, Tennessee. Leather was an immense presence before the Wrong Place stripes. His intellect and humor, poet's soul, and loving heart touched the lives of many, many people. His loyalty was lifelong, his friendship constant.