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Larry Lucas

Larry in Teton NP, Wyoming, 1974

Larry in Andy's, 400 block of Bourbon Street, NOLA, Fall 1973

Larry at Fiesta Texas, San Antonio, 1995

Larry & Sheila Lucas, Wedding Photo, San Antonio, 1996

Larry & Sheila Lucas @ Chacho's, San Antonio, 2005

Ron Sowell & Larry Lucas @ University of Houston, 1973

Ronnie Sowell, Larry Lucas, & Tirk Wilder @ TCU, Fort Worth, 1975

Ronnie Sowell & Larry Lucas, on Charlie Blue's porch, 1975

'Friday' in front of Rosa's Cantina, Algodones, New Mexico, 1975

Larry Lucas & a Merced, California sunrise, 1973

Ray Wood & Larry Lucas @ Berthoud Pass, Colorado, 1983

Denise Turnley & Larry Lucas, 1976

Steve Hill& Larry Lucas @ The Ivanhoe, Bourbon Street, 1973

Stephen 'Smokey' May, 1979

Stephen 'Smokey' May, 1976

The Tampoons; Central City, Colorado; summer of 1975

Jim Ellis & Larry Lucas, Mardi Gras, 1975

From The Times-Picayune on Ash Wednesday

The Dixie Blue Ladies Auxillary, Mardi Gras, 1978

Tirk Wilder @ TCU, Fort Worth, 1973

Big Luke

Roy Gele

Les Moore, New Orleans, 1972

Larry Lucas hitchhiking, Lethbridge, Alberta, 1973

Larry Lucas hitchhiking, Williams Lake, British Columbia, 1973

Brett Boggs & Larry Lucas, 1975 in Colorado

Brett Boggs & Larry Lucas, 1996, Springdale, Arkansas

Dixie Blue (Brett Boggs, Larry Lucas, Jim Julien, Helt Oncale) Idaho Springs, Colorado, 1975
photo by Jonathan Postal

Dixie Blue (Helt Oncale, Jim Julien, Stephen May, Larry Lucas) @ The Sylvan Theatre
on the grounds of the Washington Monument at 1976 Bicentenial

Dixie Blue (Larry Lucas, Stephen May, Jim Julien, Helt Oncale) @ James wediing, 1978

Helt Oncale, James Julien, Larry Lucas @ Southern Alabama University, Mobile, 1977

Larry Lucas, James Julien, Helt Oncale @ The Silver Slipper, Central City, Colorado, 1975
photo by Jonathan Postal

James Julien & Larry Lucas, Fort Worth, 1975

Ken Duren & Paula DiMaiori @ The Head Inn, 1973

Denise Turnley & Ken Duren, 1975

'Wino Bill' Quate, @ The Wrong Place Saloon, 1972

Andy Grabiec & friend

Andy Grabiec

Emily Ashebrenner & Reno, Hailey, Idaho, 1974


Cappy Lyons @ home, 1972

Clark Gristina

Jill & Leather, Springdale, Arkansas, 1996

Jim Ellis & Larry Lucas @ The Wrong Place Saloon, 1973

Dixie Blue (Helt Oncale, Jim Julien, Larry Lucas, Stephen May) @ Fritzell's, Bourbon Street, 1978

Larry Lucas, Wood River Valley, Idaho, 1974

Larry Lucas, Lost Trail Pass, Idaho-Montana line, 1976

Larry Lucas & Helt Oncale, Central City, Colorado, 1976
photo by Jonathan Postal

Larry Lucas & Helt Oncale, Wiesbaden, Germany, 2010
photo by Stephen May

Larry Lucas & Tuners, Houston, 1973

James Julien @ The Gilded Garter, Central City, Colorado, 1975
photo by Jonathan Postal

The Belt Buckle, courtesy of Roy Gele

Dixie Blue performing Lida Rose from The Music Man at the Tchefuncte River Festival, 1976
photo by Jonathan Postal

Janet Watson, New Orleans, 1973

Honeysuckle & Fucia

Smokey & Helt @ Andy's, Bourbon Street, 1973

New Orleans snowfall, St Charles Avenue streetcar

Smokey May, Jim Wilson, Jonathan Postal, Eugene Autry on Bourbon Street, 1973
photo by Larry Lucas, camera by Jonathan Postal

Joel Wray, March 1973

Steve Hill, Charleston, West Virginia

Ronnie Sowell

'Fast Eddie' Horowitz @ Chuck's, Bourbon Street, 1980

Sam Routh (aka Catfish)

Sid Campbell
photo by Jonathan Postal

Dixie Blue, Deforest, Wisconsin, 1976

Larry Lucas & Eugene Autry, Gannett, Idaho, 1974

Mykle Cooley & Tuners in northern British Columbia
hitchhiking to Alaska in 1973

Mykle Cooley hitchhiking back from Alaska, Denton, Texas, 1973

Dixie Blue@ Fritzell's on Bourbon Street, 1978

Dutch (aka Gunter Seutter) proprietor of Fritzel's, 1978

Ted 'Tex' Behrman @ Chuck's, 1978

Larry Lucas @ Fiesta Texas, San Antonio, 1998

Owen & Gretchen Tufts

Paula Lucas, Teton National Park, 1974

Paula DiMaiori & Larry Lucas, The Head Inn, 1972

'Doctor Judy' Moore @ Fritzel's, 1977

Lisa & Dave Warren, 1973

Jack Burnside @ The Wrong Place, 1973

Buster Holmes of Buster's Beans & Rice

Sidney Campbell @ Charlie's Wedding, Fort Worth, April 1975

Michael Leone, July 1980

Michael Leone, Winter 1976

Before Michael Leone passed away in the summer of 2003, he asked that his friends, Helt Oncale, Milton Mary, and Larry Lucas, spread his ashes on Lake Veret, Louisiana. Near Napoleonville, Lake Veret is home to generations of Helt's family, the Oncales. After Michael died, Milton flew to Wisconsin and received the ashes from Mike's wonderful parents. He returned to New Orleans and safe-guarded them until a time when the three friends could gather. During Katrina, Milton evacuated with his wife, his Newfoundland, and Mikey.

In September of 2005, a month after Katrina and a week after Rita, Helt returned from Germany and Larry drove over from Texas. The three friends met and drove down to Napoleonville and Lake Veret. As the sun set, they sent Milwaukee Mike on his way with a bottle of Jack Daniels, a handful of red roses, and heartfelt renditions of Amazing Grace and Will The Circle Be Unbroken.

The following photos of that day were graciously provided by Milton & Melanie Mary.

Helt Oncale & Larry Lucas - Lake Veret, Louisiana - September 2005

Milton Mary & Helt Oncale - Lake Veret, Louisiana - September 2005

Helt Oncale & Milwaukee Mike (in the box)

Helt & Larry

Mikey's Roses

Helt Oncale - Mandeville, Louisiana - September, 2005

Eugene Autry & Larry Lucas, Bourbon Street, 1973
photo by Jonathan Postal

Tuners (aka Frizzy Biscuits, the four-legged hobo)

Paula DiMaiori & Nicki Pembroke, Hailey, Idaho, 1974

The Bourbon Street Cowboys, 1979
(top: Red Foster, Abe Manuel/ bottom: Cash Roberts, Larry Lucas

Larry Lucas, Fiesta Texas, San Antonio, 1997

Note: Many of the photos on this page are from the private collections of the folks who attended the 1996 reunion. Those photographs and that reunion were the genisis of this website.


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