Robert Nelson
Bob The Juggler
The Butterfly Man

(September 16, 1949 - August 27, 2012)

The Wrong Place community is saddened to learn that our friend, Robert Nelson, who entertained thousands as Bob The Juggler and The Butterfly Man, has passed away in Hawaii. We were introduced to Robert as ‘Bob The Musical Juggler’ by Leather and Eugene Autry, who said, “Bob shows you what the music sounds like.” He juggled in time to Autry’s funky, syncopated guitar and it was mesmerizing.

Ken Duren remembered that Charlie Blue called him on the phone during the last days of the Wrong Place to say that he had hired a new act for the bar. KD asked him what sort of act it was, and Charlie replied, “He’s a Rock & Roll Juggler.” Bob then performed several times at the old Wrong Place before the doors closed forever.

After New Orleans, Robert went on to perform at San Francisco's Pier 39. From there he built a career and a life that took him around the world, won him multiple awards, and entertained and delighted the multitudes.

Robert was highly regarded amongst those who shared his passion and profession. Here are some links to the story of his later years.


Juggle Junction

Bob finished his shows by balancing a rose on his nose and reciting these words:

(click here to listen)

"It matters not
The job you’ve got
As long as you do it well

Now the things that are made
By plans well-laid
The test of time will tell

But you cannot count
Or know the amount
Or the value of a man

By the show displayed
Or the beauty made
By the touch of the juggler's hand

- Robert Nelson