Dave Warren
(June 22, 1939 - September 27, 2010)

David Warren was a loyal and trustworthy friend who gave much to The Wrong Place Saloon. I've known him for 50+ years and we were considered "joined at the hip." I met him when Walter Craft and I stumbled into a coffee bar in the French Quarter and the rest was history. After realizing that coffee joints don't make much money, we decided to open a bar, and thus the Wrong Place Saloon came into being.

Within 3 weeks of opening our doors, David built the stage that housed many of our talented musicians. He made the picnic tables, and even helped out behind the bar. Over the next two years he fixed just about everything in the place and easily made friends with our loyal customers. Throughout New Orleans, he became well-known and earned the moniker "Hard Hat Dave" because he was always seen with a hard hat on his head and a measuring tape on his belt. But were you aware that he remodeled about half the bars in the French Quarter? After the Wrong Place Saloon closed he traveled to Seattle for carpentry work, but ended up back in New Orleans later in life to renovate and rent out shotgun duplexes.

David started out as a Staple Jack in Maine and spent a few years in the Army during the early 60s between the Korean and Vietnam wars as a clerk typist in a General's office. I introduced him to his wife Lisa. We had many fun adventures together, however most are unmentionable and some were not even legal, so I can't give details. What I can say, is that his kind and gentle nature allowed him to make friends easily. Known to give you the shirt off his back, he just couldn't say no to someone else in need. That got him into trouble more than once.

He leaves behind many friends, along with his wife Lisa, daughter Gretchen, and son Justin. His life will be celebrated and honored at O'Tooles in New Orleans on October 4th.

We are truly blessed to have had a friend like David. His passing leaves a hole in our hearts.

- Joel Wray
September 30, 2010

Dearest David, to all of us who loved you, fought with you, drank with you, and were lucky enough to have you in our lives, you were as much a brother as a friend.

You were always there for everyone, no matter what they needed -- legal or otherwise!

And just think, David, no matter where you are, you will never have to move my piano again!

You will be immensly missed. Love, Janice

- from Janice Wray
October 1, 2010


David "Hard Hat" Warren, AKA Argo, passed
away on Monday, September 27, 2010 at the
age of 71. Beloved father of Adriane, Jennifer,
Mark, Gretchan and Justin. He is also survived
by his mother Shirley, brother Wally and
estranged wife Stephanie. A memorial service
will be held on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at
Finn McCool's Bar; 3701 Banks St. in New
Orleans, between noon and 4:00 PM.

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