Mykle Evans
(July 6, 1949 - August 9, 2011)

Friends -

I am saddened to report that we have lost another dear friend. Mykle (Cooley) Evans passed away yesterday in Tennessee.

As close a friend as any one could ever wish for, Mykle's spirit was a constant part of the Wrong Place fellowship from the beginning. Earlier today, Joel said that Mykle "was the glue that held us together."

With that in mind, I think we should consider another get-together in New Orleans soon.

Please keep Mykle's family and her husband, Ed Evans, in your thoughts, hearts, and prayers.

- Larry
August 10, 2011

Aw, Shit!

Mykle was one of the spark-plugs that kept the world turning. This news is very heart breaking.

My sympathy, love & condolences go out to friends, loved ones & family.

So sorry to lose this light from our mortal presence. May her spirit forever be in our hearts.

A very joyous & loving person.

- Bodie Wagner

I just loved Mykle.

She was the real thing.

- Sandy Sowell

Thank you for keeping us always informed about friends and family of the Wrong Place Saloon, even though this time it couldn't be sadder.

There was not a better smile or twinkle in an eye than coming from Mykle.

- Helt Oncale

My Dear Friends -

A long way back in those wondrous days of yore (also known as the 70's) the infamous Rosa's Cantina in Algodones, New Mexico became for, an all too brief a time, Mykle's cantina. As bartender and manager she did her best to create a fine old west watering hole. Of course, being Mykle, the first thing she added was live music on the weekends.

But this was not sophisticated, urban New Orleans, this was a rural town sitting along the banks of the Rio Grande that still held on to the the wicked ways of the wild west; with whiskey drinking Cowboys, Dos Equis swilling Mexicans, and quite a few marijuana smoking long haired leftovers from the hippie communities around Taos, not to mention a couple of Apaches who definitely looked like they would be happy to take a scalp or two!

On one memorable night I was performing there with a nice little band I had put together for the gig. (How many little bands did we all put together in those days?!) My guest singer was a lovely young lady fresh out of Boston College named Elizabeth, who claimed to be a direct descendant of Paul Revere. This New England debutante had no idea what she was getting into.

We had played a couple of sets with only one beer bottle flying through a window. I was standing at the bar visiting with Mykle when one of the waitresses, who had certainly been enjoying her own products, came back and asked if she could make an announcement on one of our microphones. (shure 58's of course)

Now, understand dear friends, that it took a lot to surprise Mykle in those days, but this inebriated waitress got up on stage and announced the first ever Rosa's Cantina scrotum beauty contest!! And she held up a sign up sheet!!

Young Elizabeth turned a little pale, and Mikle looked at me after she stopped laughing and said , "Should I let this go on?" At this point the roaring cheers from the crowd and the procession of drunk Cowboys, Indians and Hippies eager to enter the contest made it a moot point. The first and last Rosa's Cantina Scrotum Beauty Contest was under way .

After a hilarious procession across the stage, with the voting determined by volume of applause, an Apache from the Jicarilla Reservation was declared the winner. I believe his rain dance and Native American song swayed the judges in his favor.

Mykle and I had many a good laugh over that Saturday night, but I'm afraid young Elizabeth decided that the Wild West was a little too wild for her and went back to Boston the next week!

Love to you all.

- David Ziems

I can just hear her full-throated guffaw…

- Walter Craft

We will really miss Mykle's beautiful self.

Even though we only had a chance to know her for a short time, we loved her dearly and were grateful to have had the time we had with her.

Please accept our deepest sympathies to you all.

much love always,

Dr. Jay & Miss Diana