July 17-22, 2007
Springdale, Arkansas

"The Wrong Place Congregation"

"The Guest of Honor"

"Our Excellent Host"
Joel Wray

"Our Excellent Hostess"
Janice Wray

"Charlie's Cake"

"Ten Old Souls"

"Fayetteville, Arkansas"

Ron Sowell

Tirk Wilder

Leather & Charlie

Roy Gele, picker & campmaster

Sandy Sowell, Gerry Colyard, Andy Grabiec

Tirk Wilder & Joel Wray

Stephen May

Steve Hill

Ron Sowell

Walter Craft

"Smokey" & "Tex"
Stephen May & Ted Behrman

Larry Lucas

".. 'cause I got those low-down, howlin' at the moon, blues ..."

Joel Wray

Sheila & Larry Lucas


"Janice & The Elves"
Barry Cooley, Janice Wray, Sam

Marcia Potts & Roy Gele

Ron Sowell

Walter Craft, Joel Wray, Stephen May, Tirk Wilder, Larry Lucas

Jonathan Postal

"Afternoon Under The Tent"

"Brunch at The Waffle House"
(Steve & Valeriya May, Sheila & Larry Lucas, Steve Hill, Leather, Gerry Colyard, Ron Sowell, Tirk Wilder)

"Most Likely To Succeed"

Joel Wray & Sandy Sowell

Walter Craft

"A Darker Shade Of Black"
Tirk Wilder & Larry Lucas


"A Man Should Never Gamble ... "

Ronnie & Steve

"Leather & The Excellent Acousticaster"


Steve Hill & Sandy Sowell

"Gumbo Time"

Joel Wray, Roy Gele, Carolyn & Walter Craft, Tirk Wilder

Walter Craft

Walter & Leather

Joel Wray

"Cuttin' Charlie's Cake"

Ron Sowell

"The Coon Creek Contingent"
Sandy Sowell & Steve Hill

"The Falls Church Contingent"
Larry Lucas & Stephen May

Snuffles May