July 17-22, 2007
Springdale, Arkansas


"Wrong Place Pickers"

"Wrong Place Veterans"

Walter Craft & Joel Wray

"Michael, Row the ..." LOL


"Why Can't White Boys Dance?"

Mykle Evans, Ken Duren, Janet Andrews

Leather, Ron Sowell, Ted Behrman

Marcia Potts, Steve Hill, Tirk Wilder

Sheila Bailey Lucas

Sheila & Larry Lucas

Walter Craft & Tirk Wilder

Smokey, Tirk, Tex

"Leather & The Ken Duren Band"

Ron Sowell, Ken Duren, Steve Hill, Tirk Wilder

KD, picker

"Charlie 'n Tirk"

Ron Sowell & Leather

Janet & Ken Andrews

Ted Behrman & Tirk Wilder

Stephen May

"...The Golden Rolling Hills of Mother Russia..."
Valeriya May & Walter Craft

"They Got The Memo"
Tirk Wilder & Larry Lucas

Steve Hill

Steve Hill & Ronnie Sowell

"The Mountain Stage Contingent"

Mykle & KD

Andy Grabiec, Mykle & Ed Evans

Ed Evans

"The Eyes of The Ranger are upon you .... "

Carolyn & Walter Craft

Marcia Potts, Steve Hill, Tirk Wilder

The Roy Gele Quintet

"Old Dogs"

Jonathan Postal

Steve Hill

Tirk Wilder & Larry Lucas

Rick Howe & Steve Hill

Janet Andrews & Mykle Evans

"There's No Pressure .... "

Tirk Wilder

Larry Lucas

"Unrepentant Elves"


"Our Excellent Host"
Riley Wray