Robert Loren Greene
April 13, 1950 - April 11, 2009

It is with heavy heart and deep sadness that we learn of the passing of our dear friend, Robert Greene, at his home in Nashville, Tennessee. Leather was an immense presence before the Wrong Place stripes. His intellect and humor, poet's soul, and loving heart touched the lives of many, many people.
His loyalty was lifelong, his friendship constant.


"Lay me down, sweet Jesus
Sweet Jesus, lay me down
When it comes my time, what’s lost will be found
Take me out of the wind, up to higher ground
Please sweet Jesus, lay me down

- from Lay Me Down (Sweet Jesus)
written by Robert Shelter, Bill DiLuigi, & Mike Ward
performed by Bill DiLuigi

Mom & Dad are in the back, Wanda Lou is on Mom's lap, Brother Bill is on Dad's,
Mary is in the middle, and Robert is in the front.

From Robert's sister, WandaLou -

While the dates for the memorial in Nashville or in New Orleans have not been set, the one for the South Prong Cemetary,
Sanderson, Florida, is Saturday, 04/18/09, at 11 am.

I truly do not know how to thank those who have sent Mom the stories. She has printed them all out and holds them with her on the couch.

There were so many who came to help brothers Richard and Bill in Nashville to pack up Robert's belongings. How do we say thank you? How do we say thank you enough? You have done a most excellent job.

A tribute has been placed on YouTube by a Tennessee writer -

YouTube tribute to Robert

Thanks so much,

WandaLou McInturff
Jacksonville, Florida

Leather died peacefully of a heart attack on Saturday, April 11th, 2009. He was mowing his yard, went into the house, and never came back out. He was found by Susan Marshall, and some of her friends at his house. After calling Robert on the phone, and getting no answer, they went over there, and discovered him on the couch. He did not answer the door. The police were called, and they found he was not breathing.

Leather is to be cremated, with one-third of his ashes spread in Nashville, and another third of his ashes spread with Charlie Blue's, on the neutral ground in front of 1204 N. Rampart in New Orleans. These were his two favorite places to be as a musician here on this earth. The rest of Robert's ashes are to be placed at the South Prong Cemetery that runs alongside Greens Creek, in Sanderson, Florida. This was a special place for Robert and his family when he was growing up in Florida.

Many thanks to Mike Mayo of Nashville for this information.

Several members of the Wrong Place congregation have been in touch with Robert's family. His folks have expressed an interest in knowing more about his life, and they would like to hear from his friends. Many among us knew Leather very well. Any memories we might be able to share with his family, especially his mother, would be a comfort.

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